Our Offerings

We are so excited to announce that our Outdoor Yoga season has OPENED!! 

This season we are offering weekly Land and Water based yoga experiences and have teamed up with some of Perth's much loved fellow yoga teachers, yoga studios, interstate guest teachers PLUS our city's iconic BEATTY PARK LEISURE CENTRE to enhance our offerings to YOU! 

Read on below to find out how you can involved.

Our Water Based Yoga Offerings 
From the Swan River in Matilda Bay, Perth
Your water yoga journey starts here.

SUP Yoga is a joyous movement modality that reveals our imbalances, showing us what side of our body we favour more & highlights how we relate to ourselves when we are learning things. This insight encourages us to move differently over the water, slower with more intention. Drawing up energy through softness in our joints & giving ourselves the time we need to learn how to articulate the surface of the water and keep ourselves stable. 

Let our passionate teaching team guide you into your water-based yoga adventure, click HERE to find out more!

Our Land Based Offerings

From Matilda Bay, Perth
Your outdoor yoga tribe welcomes you.

Practicing yoga outdoors continues to inspire even the most novice of yoga practitioners, it's the blend of natural light, the colours of the landscape and the gentle sounds of the water lapping onto the shore that hold such a tender space for all of us to drop deeply into an exhale and let go.

Our experienced and passionate teaching team offers an array of land-based yoga journey's for our tribe to explore, from meditation courses and entry level yoga sessions, Sound Healing sessions to guided land and water based yoga events that showcase our spectacular West Australian sunsets. 

Click HERE to find out more!

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