SUP Yoga

Our Water Based Yoga Offerings 

Beginner SUP Yoga 3 week Courses

Your investment for the 3 weeks is just $120 - inclusive of all paddling equipment! 

Our popular 3-week Beginner SUP Yoga courses are the best place to start your yoga on water adventure – you'll enjoy individual attention in our boutique classes with step-by-step tutorials, teacher demonstrations and hands on adjustments to help improve your sense of balance and become more receptive to the water. 

Level 1 Beginner SUP Yoga Course 
- Saturday 2nd - 16th Dec @ 8 - 9.15am
- Saturday 13th - 27th Jan @ 8 - 9.15am
- Saturday 3rd - 17th Feb @ 8 - 9.15am
- Saturday 3rd - 17th Mar @ 8 - 9.15am
- Saturday 7th - 21st Apr @ 8 - 9.15am

~ THE best way to learn how to develop your sea legs ~

Our Level 1 Beginner Course offers fun and interactive 75 minute classes spaced over 3 weekends that have been especially designed to help you build your self-confidence whilst learning how to shape-shift on the surface of the water. *Please note is highly recommended to have completed our Level 1 Course prior to joining our Level 2 group. 

Visit our Workshop page to find out more!

Get stronger and more confident in these fun and interactive classes where like-minded, curious water lovers can ask questions and receive feedback during the lesson. 

*Places will open to the public to join the individual classes in the event of the course not filling - get in touch with the day before to confirm if there is a board available for you to drop-in.

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Level 2 Beginner SUP Yoga Course 
- Saturday 2nd - 16th Dec @ 9.30 - 10.45am
- Saturday 13th - 27th Jan @ 9.30 - 10.45am
- Saturday 3rd - 17th Feb @ 9.30 - 10.45am
- Saturday 3rd - 17th Mar @ 9.30 - 10.45am
- Saturday 7th - 21st Apr @ 9.30 - 10.45am

~ The next step in your Walking on Water experience! ~

Our Level 2 Beginner Course is suitable for those who have completed our Level 1 Beginners Course or already have experience in yoga and in stand up paddle boarding. This 3 week course offers playfully challenging and fun, interactive 75 minute classes designed to you build on the skills you already have and guide you into places you may not have been before... *Please note, it is highly recommended to have completed our Level 2 Beginner SUP Yoga Course prior to joining in with our Open Flow class offerings. 

During your course you will; 
  • paddle your board to our SUP Yoga location and anchor with minimal assistance from your instructor
  • practice self-assessment in relationship with the conditions of the water
  • practice the Sun Salutations with minimal body-placement cueing from your instructor
  • build on the entry level yoga postures and begin to layer the yoga sequence
  • practice using the foundational points in your hands and feet for balancing postures
  • practice preparing for single-leg balances, arm balances, inversions (headstands) and backbends
  • homework and self-assessment practices to develop your spatial awareness 
  • become part of the Precious Breath SUP Yoga tribe and join in with any of our Open Flow SUP Yoga experiences!
If you're unsure which course is right for you, please feel free to give us a call. We're happy to discuss your options and help you move into the course that's perfect for YOU.

At Precious Breath SUP Yoga our aim is to guide you into supporting yourself as you move into your most potent place of power whilst on the water; the PRESENT ♥

*Places will open to the public to join the individual classes in the event of the course not filling - get in touch with the day before to confirm if there is a board available for you to drop-in.

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Slow Flow SUP Yoga - at 9.30am Sunday's 

Slow Flow SUP Yoga Sundays are a heavenly blend of accessible yoga postures layered together in sequences to rejuvenate mind and improve your body tone and posture whilst deepening your connection to your breath.

The style of practice is kinder to our joints and aims to hydrate the tissues of the body with long, juicy, repetitive movements. Expect to have playful challenges offered for you to explore with accessible modifications for all levels of experience.

This class has specially designed for easy Sunday mornings and invites your body, mind and spirit to restore and take in the beauty of our outdoor, water playground in the lush surrounds of Matilda Bay.

You'll be melting into Shavasana by the time we make our way back down to the boards.
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Rise & Shine SUP Yoga - at 6am, starting soon!

Start the last day of the week from the surface of the Swan River to recharge your sense and make some space in your body and mind. 

Sun Salutations and creative yoga sequences will offer you time to explore your breath, charge up your batteries and inspire you as you practice your flow. 

As the sun rises we are serenaded by West Australian cockatoos with the occasional unexpected visit some of Perth's beautiful dolphins - truly a life-enhancing experience!

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Grow Your Flow SUP Yoga - coming soon!

Grow your Flow is especially for members of our water loving tribe who want to explore a more advanced practice.
We'll be building on what we've already been practising together in our Align & Flow classes and start to explore Mandala of Movement. Honouring the 4 directions, these elemental sequences will have you turning your practice around as we take shape-shifting to another level….

We'll be paddling straight out for practice in these classes with very little paddling instruction so we can spend more time on our practice.

It is important that you already have some paddling and yoga experience prior to commencing our Grow Your Flow SUP Yoga classes so that you can soak up being present and enjoy your session.

*If you're still building your confidence on the water - we suggest taking a few lessons in our Slow Flow classes first or talk with one of our friendly instructors, we are always happy to help!

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Sunset SUP Yoga - our next is Dec 3rd - watch our Workshops page for more dates!
Harness the powerful and creative lunar energy as we honour the rhythm and cycles in our life. 
Join us and special guests on a journey through Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutes) cultivating the moon's soothing lunar energy. 

Remember to bring a towel and something dry to change in to as it may cool down quite a bit once we are off the water.
It is highly recommended to have some yoga or SUP Yoga experienced for this journey, allowing you to focus on the energy of this beautiful sundowner flow. 
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SUP Yoga @ BEATTY PARK!  - Tuesday's commencing Feb 2018
For those of our tribe who prefer a swimming pool to the river - this is the entry to SUP Yoga you've been waiting for - in the stunning surrounds of Perth's Beatty Park Leisure Centre!

Blend your studio based yoga practice with something else that makes you feel equally as good - water!
Commencing in Feb 2018, these 3-week courses will guide you through the practice of yoga on a stand up paddle board and have you flowing in your practice at your most comfortable pace.

Invite a new element to the way you connect with yourself, increase your sense of balance, get stronger and more flexible in the most fun and playful way!!

Thanks to Beatty Park, we can now share our love of liquid yoga with our wider community.
Check out our Workshops & Events page for info.

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SUP Yoga investment
All prices are inclusive of board and paddle hire!

Foundational Member

From $42 p/class 

5 SUP Yoga classes
  • Full access to all of our weekly scheduled classes
  • Access to our Precious Breath Tribe private Facebook group


Water Yogi Tribe Member

From $36 p/class

10 SUP Yoga classes
  • Full access to all of our weekly scheduled classes
  • Access to our Precious Breath Tribe private Facebook group
  • First to know about workshops and events
  • Invites to our Paddle Clinic workshops, collaborations and events hosted by us!
Buy now and get your first class FREE!*

*To claim your free class simply call Claudia to arrange your booking

Visiting water-yogi

From $45

Single 'Drop-In' SUP Yoga class pass
  • An amazing, life enhancing water-based yoga session

Spring is on it's way to us and soon we'll be introducing diverse class offerings to our schedule - make sure to stay connected with us by signing up for our monthly newsletter!

"You move slower over the surface of the water, with more intention and grace, a truly divine way to greet your day!"
- Claudia Scalisi, Founder of Precious Breath Yoga.

Private and Group yoga classes

Are you planning a Hens Day? 

What about a surprise birthday? Perhaps you are looking for a Corporate Team Building experience and haven't found anything, different?

Our private group sessions are perfectly tailored to suit your event, catering is available and provided by some of Perth's best organic foodie specialists (think sipping on fresh orange juice whilst enjoying breakfast on the surface of the water after an inspiring yoga session) - what ever you are planing, let Claudia help you create an experience that is truly one of a kind.

1:1 classes are also available on request and can be a great way to help you understand your body's alignment as you develop your practice. Together we can workshop your Downward Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) or your transitions in Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) what ever it is that you'd like to give some more attention towards, just ask us how.

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