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Enhance your yoga experience

Deepen your experience of yoga by consciously choosing to. Move into spaces where you can feel your body, where you can listen to your breath and absorb the natural beauty around you. Connection comes the moment you ask for it.

As you may already have come to understand, Precious Breath purposefully engages in activities associated with enhancing the flow of life and our experience of coming home to ourselves. 

Taking our cue from Mother Nature and the seasons, we feel our best when we harmonise with her energy and guide ourselves to a more fulfilled experience of union. Our Retreat & Workshop offerings are a reflection of this connection, we look forward to sharing them with you too.

Thai & Fly Acro Yoga Workshop

~ Saturday 21st Oct ~
~ Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley ~

Have you ever let go into trust and allowed your body to receive the healing support from another?

We are so pleased to be hosting Matt Worley fresh from teaching Arco Yoga workshops at Divine Play in the USA and Wanderlust in Aus / NZ for this Thai & Fly Workshop in our stunning outdoor yoga studio in Matilda Bay.

In this 2hr workshop, you will be introduced to the Lunar side of the AcroYoga Practice which focuses on the healing, relaxing and rejuvenating practices of healing arts, Thai massage and therapeutic flying. 

The techniques learned on the floor are then translated to the flying work, using the element of gravity to amplify the healing touch. 

When: Saturday Oct 21st
Time: 2 - 4pm
Where: Matilda Bay Foreshore
Exchange: $55

People of all levels are welcome as support and guidance will be offered - incorporating teams of three working together for safety and support. Everyone will have the opportunity to base and fly, heal and be healed. No previous experience or Acro partner necessary but bring a friend anyway.

Join us for a Saturday afternoon of therapeutic flying to experience deep floating, stretching and relaxation. Plus you get to learn the art of Thai massage.. bonus!

Please visit to reserve your place.

Fluid Connections; SUP Yoga Flow

~ Sunday 29th Oct | 9.30 - 12.30pm  ~
~ Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley ~

Join our chief water goddess Claudia as she teams up with Bunbury based SUP Yoga teacher, Yara from Up Sup Down for an exhilarating outdoor yoga experience. 

Both ladies will lead a supportive and heart opening Open Circle where we can place our intentions for our practice, before Claudia guides us into a playful earth based mandala flow to ground our energetic roots for expansion. 

Yara will then lead our movement meditation onto liquid for an inspiring water based yoga workshop, to explore ways to generate comfort from within and on how to manifest a deeper connection to our fellow yogis.

The morning will complete with a floating shavasana meditation before paddling back into shore for fresh, organic juices & morning tea. 

When: Sunday 29th Oct 
Time: 9.30 - 12.30pm
Where: Matilda Bay, Crawley
Exchange: just $55 - inclusive of board & paddle hire

Here's why we love our salty sister so much, ‘Yoga is a lifestyle that embodies the energies of body mind and soul, by understanding the three we can start to allow them to be in harmony and learn to surrender to what is,' says Yara. 

Our beautiful fellow mermaid yogini believes that yoga is a moving meditation that can make the human experience richer in active consciousness. Offering a unique approach to body movement that is infused with her training in the Brazilian dance Zouk, Yara's classes are designed in a style that incorporates fluid and meditative movements. Complex poses are broken down into achievable milestones so the practice continues to wake you up to all the opportunities there are, in your yoga practice and in your life.

We can't wait to have her share her yoga love with our tribe! 

Tickets are limited so be sure to BOOK NOW to avoid missing this stellar outdoor yoga experience

Level 1 Beginner SUP Yoga Course

~ Saturday 4th - 18th Nov | 8 - 9.15am  ~
~ Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley ~

~ THE best way to learn how to develop your sea legs ~

Our Level 1 Beginner Course offers fun and interactive 75 minute classes spaced over 3 weekends that have been especially designed to help you build your self-confidence whilst learning how to shape-shift on the surface of the water. *Please note is highly recommended to have completed our Level 1 Course prior to joining our Level 2 group. 

During your course you will learn; 
  • the basics of paddling
  • an intro into reading the water conditions and applicable safety measures
  • how to steer and navigate your board in the water 
  • how to use the foundational points in your hands and feet for better balance
  • how to practice Sun Salutations on the water 
  • how to activate your core stabilising muscle groups for better stability 
  • entry level yoga postures and vinyasa sequences
  • homework and self-assessment practices to develop your spatial awareness 
Get stronger and more confident in these fun and interactive classes where like-minded, curious water lovers can ask questions and receive feedback during the lesson. 

Please visit to reserve your place.

Level 2 Beginner SUP Yoga Course

~ Saturday 4th - 18th Nov |9.30 - 10.45am ~
~ Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley ~

~ The next step in your Walking on Water experience! ~

Our Level 2 Beginner Course is suitable for those who have completed our Level 1 Beginners Course or already have experience in yoga and in stand up paddle boarding. This 3 week course offers playfully challenging and fun, interactive 75 minute classes designed to you build on the skills you already have and guide you into places you may not have been before... *Please note, it is highly recommended to have completed our Level 2 Beginner SUP Yoga Course prior to joining in with our Open Flow class offerings. 

During your course you will; 
  • paddle your board to our SUP Yoga location and anchor with minimal assistance from your instructor
  • practice self-assessment in relationship with the conditions of the water
  • practice the Sun Salutations with minimal body-placement cueing from your instructor
  • build on the entry level yoga postures and begin to layer the yoga sequence
  • practice using the foundational points in your hands and feet for balancing postures
  • practice preparing for single-leg balances, arm balances, inversions (headstands) and backbends
  • homework and self-assessment practices to develop your spatial awareness 
  • become part of the Precious Breath SUP Yoga tribe and join in with any of our Open Flow SUP Yoga experiences!
If you're unsure which course is right for you, please feel free to give us a call. We're happy to discuss your options and help you move into the course that's perfect for YOU.

Please visit to reserve your place.

3 week intro to Breath Meditation for Presence

~ Sunday 5th - 19th Nov | 8.30 - 9.30am ~
~ Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley ~

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to mindfulness meditation using breath awareness techniques. It's aim is to support each person to start or deepen his or her own meditation practice. 

During the 3 Sundays, you'll be guided into meditation under the lush canopy of the Matilda Bay foreshore. Each week we'll focus on various breath awareness and breath control techniques (pranayama) in order to bring our attention to the present moment. From there we will explore different types of meditation including creative visualisation. 

Some of the many benefits you may experience from breath awareness and meditation include: | A sense of calm & ease | Deeper self awareness | Empathy for self and others | Better concentration | Emotional stability | Adaptability & Resilience 

Week 1 – Introduction to mindfulness and breath meditation
Week 2 – Pranayama & creative visualisation
Week 3 – Pranayama & intro to sound vibration meditation

An open mind & a willingness to feel

Something comfortable and easy to sit in. We suggest yoga pants / shorts, t-shirt or yoga top. Bring a jacket or a jumper in case it's fresh, also bring your sunhat & sunglasses.

A yoga mat or a towel | A light blanket | Small pillow or mediation cushion | Some drinking water | A note pad and pen

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Visit to reserve your place.

Full Moon Sunset SUP Yoga & Earth Yin

~ Sunday 3rd Dec | 4 - 7pm ~
~ Matilda Bay Reserve, Crawley ~

Join us for the first Full Moon Sunset SUP Yoga session for the season and celebrate the final month of 2017 from the sheltered waters of the Swan River in Perth.

Taking our cue from Mother Nature, our dear friend Tony Turner - just back from gaining his 500hr teacher training qualifications in Yin Yoga and Precious Breath's water goddess Claudia Scalisi will be leading a Sunday afternoon yolking session honouring the elements of water and earth under the lush canopy of Perth's stunning Matilda Bay.

To prepare you for remaining with what your breath and your yin practice will offer, Claudia has designed a special Moon Flow SUP Yoga class, honour the Divine Feminine in all of us - where we can playfully flow like water, gather strength and ride the waves of our life. 

Tony will then lead us all through his unique teaching style and take us on a journey through the subtle layers of our body to unite all levels of our mind/body connection: || Fluid feminine (lunar energy) || Stable masculine (solar energy) resides in every single one of us, Samasthitiḥ = equal in both halves. 

The resonant sounds of singing bowls and chimes will invite you back from Shavasana through a journey of the senses that will soothe, restore and bring you back to your truest expression, which is Bliss.

We'll be enjoying a picnic under the stars to close the event and invtie you to join us too ♥

To find our more about our friend Tony, visit 

We hope we've inspired you to be a part of this unique offering - BOOK NOW to avoid missing out!

When: Sunday 3rd Dec
Time: SUP Yoga @ 4.00pm & Yin @ 5.15pm
Where: Matilda Bay Foreshore
Exchange: $45 SUP Yoga only, $20 Yin only or $55 for both
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