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Enhance your yoga experience

Deepen your experience of yoga by consciously choosing to. Move into spaces where you can feel your body, where you can listen to your breath and absorb the natural beauty around you. Connection comes the moment you ask for it.

As you may already have come to understand, Precious Breath purposefully engages in activities associated with enhancing the flow of life and our experience of coming home to ourselves. 

Taking our cue from Mother Nature and the seasons, we feel our best when we harmonise with her energy and guide ourselves to a more fulfilled experience of union. Our Retreat & Workshop offerings are a reflection of this connection, we look forward to sharing them with you too.

Precious Breath; Yin Yoga Immersion

~ Sunday 27th August ~
~ 8 Limbs Yoga, Leederville ~ 

~ Precious Breath; Yin Yoga Immersion ~

"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet"
- Bob Marley

Winter is gifting us precious rain to deeply nourish our land and filling our water dams, isn't it wonderful to know that we'll have more water over our Perth summer months?

It's a sweet gift we give ourselves when we surrender into letting Mother Nature do what she needs, we don't have to remind her to look after us, she just does. Imagine trusting ourselves so much that we could get 'busy' enjoying our journey knowing that 'all is coming'. Do the practice, all is coming ♥

Join us for our final Winter themed class and be guided through creative visualisation techniques to help breathe life into your dreams for the coming warmer months ahead. 

We'll be dropping deeply into sweet stillness as we practice surrendering our efforts and allow the body time to harmonise with the circadian rhythms of Mother Nature. No matter how the cold or long the Winter is, Spring is on her way.

Some of the benefits of this experience may include;
* better mental clarity
* greater feelings of ease in one’s life
* more space inside the body 
* relaxed muscles (reduced headaches)
* healthier self-talk
* improved relationships 

Lovingly guided by Claudia Scalisi, you're invited to lean into all the support you need from bolsters, blankets and blocks to help soften and rejuvenate your entire body within the beautiful healing energy of the 8 Limbs yoga shala in the heart of Leederville.

Nourish yourself in this 2hr yoga experience, with lots of time to explore the practice of Yin Yoga and the relationship you have with your breath, your cup will be full and overflowing by the time you leave... ♥

When: Sunday 27th Aug
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Where: 8 Limbs, Leederville
Investment: $25 pre-booking / $30 on the door

Please visit to reserve your place.

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