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Enhance your yoga experience

Deepen your experience of yoga by consciously choosing to. Move into spaces where you can feel your body, where you can listen to your breath and absorb the natural beauty around you. Connection comes the moment you ask for it.

As you may already have come to understand, Precious Breath purposefully engages in activities associated with enhancing the flow of life and our experience of coming home to ourselves. 

Taking our cue from Mother Nature and the seasons, we feel our best when we harmonise with her energy and guide ourselves to a more fulfilled experience of union. Our Retreat & Workshop offerings are a reflection of this connection, we look forward to sharing them with you too.

Full Moon Flow collaboration

~ Friday 9th June ~
~ 8 Limbs Yoga, Leederville ~ 

Precious Breath Yoga ~ yoga for inspired living
~ Full Moon Flow @ 8 Limbs Yoga in Leederville ~

Our Friday night Slow Flow Vinyasa classes are back for winter (insert happy grin here!) so we are collaborating with 8 Limbs Yoga very own Carmela Lacey to playfully celebrate this coming Full Moon.

Join us for a soulful lunar inspired vinyasa guided by Claudia from Precious Breath SUP Yoga before we come back to earth and simmer in with Yin with Carmela's loving embrace.

When: Friday 9th June from 5.45pm
Where: 8 Limbs Yoga, 220 Carr Place Leederville
Exchange: $20 online or $25 on the door

- You're welcome to stay and play with your tribe after class as we enjoy our special home made chocolate cake and fresh chai ♥ 

Precious Breath; Yin Yoga Immersion

~ Sunday 18th June ~
~ 8 Limbs Yoga, Leederville ~ 

"To know yourself as the Being underneath the thinker... the stillness underneath the mental noise... the love & the joy underneath the pain... is freedom... salvation... enlightenment..."
- Ekhart tolle

June, winter is blessing us with freshness - a coolness in the air that naturally encourages some introspection as we seek warmth and comfort. To love yourself enough to savour soulful company and love the ones you hold dear - hopefully you've placed yourself amongst those also ♥

You are invited to explore your the stillness beneath the active mind, your breath and your ability to create space in your body | mind in these lavish 2 hour yoga experiences hosted monthly through out the year.

We'll be dropping deeply into sweet stillness as we practice surrendering our efforts and allow the body time to harmonise with ourselves and align with the circadian rhythms of Mother Nature. 

Some of the benefits of this experience may include;
* better mental clarity
* greater feelings of ease in ones life
* more space inside the body 
* relaxed muscles (reduced headaches)
* healthier self-talk
* improved relationships 

Lovingly guided by Claudia Scalisi, you're invited to lean into all the support you need from bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps and of course eye pillows to help soften and rejuvenate your entire body within the beautiful healing energy of the 8 Limbs yoga shala in the heart of Leederville.

Nourish yourself in this 2hr yoga experience for you, with lots of time to explore the practice of Yin Yoga and the relationship you have with your breath, your cup will be full and overflowing by the time you leave... ♥

When: Sunday 18th June
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Where: 8 Limbs, Leederville
Investment: $25 pre-booking / $30 on the door

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